Launched in 2018, by designer Oye Buraimo, YAURA is a London based womenswear brand that draws inspiration from two cultures by combining the vibrant colours and prints worn in Lagos with the more edgy cuts favoured in London, creating timeless quality pieces to accentuate and flaunt the female form.  

Our vision for the brand has always been to to create pieces centred around giving every woman her own red carpet moment for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays by combining luxury style with an affordable price tag and never compromising on quality. 



YAURA is proud to support the Educate Our Girls non-profit organisation whose vision is to bridge the education gap between young boys and girls in Africa; in turn, reducing the overall illiteracy levels within the continent and creating the next generation of resourceful women.

This goal is achieved by sponsoring and mentoring secondary school girls; making quality education accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding.